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Blogroll for Opera Artists
Lyndsay Werking, Artistic Services Manager, OPERA America
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Original Content10/17/2011

Editor's Note:
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To succeed in opera, or in any field, an individual must possess both skills and knowledge of the industry.  Understanding the current climate of the opera industry is just as important as learning new marketing strategies or exploring fundraising opportunities. To keep informed of news, trends, projects and people, I read a variety of print and online news sources. Additionally, I follow a number of blogs. While I can learn about the facts of the industry from formal news outlets, a blog provides a specific point of view and often, a unique writing style and artistic voice. Below is a list of blogs that OPERA America staff is reading:

  • Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise
    Named after his first book, The Rest is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century, Alex Ross's blog covers a wide spectrum of music events, news and history. Additionally, the site includes audio guides for his first book, as well as his most recent, Listen to This.

  • The Classical Beat
    Anne Midgette, music critic for The Washington Post, writes performance reviews and provides updates on the most recent news in classical music. Perhaps more importantly, she encourages readers to have an opinion, ask questions and engage in the conversation.  

  • Inside the Arts
    Begun in 2007, Inside the Arts is a cultural blogging exchange, featuring a number of blogs written by professionals who represent a variety of artistic disciplines in the performing arts world. Whether you're an opera administrator, singer, conductor, orchestral musician or new music enthusiast, this site has something for you! The list of hosted blogs includes:

  • Fractured Atlas
    Fractured Atlas is a nonprofit organization that serves a national community of artists and arts organizations. They provide fiscal sponsorship, health insurance and other business tools for independent artists and groups. Their blog highlights fiscally sponsored artists' projects, fractured atlas programming and advice from industry experts.

  • Opera Chic
    Featuring editorials, interviews and news articles, Opera Chic was started in 2006 by an American woman — a classically trained musician living in Milan, Italy. For those who prefer their opera updates with a dose of spunk, this may be the choice for you. The tagline of the blog says it all: "I'm a young American woman living in Milan, and you're not. I go to La Scala a lot, and you don't."

  • Operagasm
    Despite its racy title, this blog covers current events, news, reviews, interviews, fashion and opinions related to classical music and opera. The contributions are written and compiled by two artists, mezzo-soprano Christie Connolley and soprano Melissa Wimbish, who met at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Each month, the two focus their posts on a particular theme, such as the basics of singing, collaboration or finance.

  • Parterre Box
    Created by director James Jorden and initially published in print form, Parterre Box now exists solely as an online source for opera gossip, news, reviews and multimedia. The site includes a podcast titled Unnatural Acts of Opera, for which Jorden adopts his drag persona of "La Cieca." In each podcast, La Cieca introduces notable live performances dated from 1950 to the present.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but rather suggestions of good food for thought. Let us know which blogs you're following at We're always interested in reading more!
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About the Author:
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