The Most Happy Fella
Composer: Frank Loesser
Librettist: Frank Loesser
Other Artistic Personnel: Joseph Anthony, Director
Original Cast: Original Cast: Tony, Robert Weede; Rosabella, Jo Sullivan; Joe, Art Lund; Cleo, Susan Johnson; Herman, Shorty Long
Premiere Date: May 03, 1956
Producing Company: Imperial Theatre, New York
Description: Tony, an elderly vintner, falls in love with a young waitress who waited on him during a visit to San Francisco. Tony decides to propose to Rosabella in a letter. Insecure about his age, Tony encloses a photo of Joe, the foreman of his ranch. Upon receipt of the letter and picture, Rosabella agrees to marry the man she believes is Tony. When she arrives at the ranch, she runs into the arms of Joe, who explains that he is not Tony. When Tony is brought in on a stretcher, after a car accident on the way to meet Rosabella at the station, Tony wins her sympathy and she agrees to marry him. In her confusion, Rosabella turns to Joe's arms for one night. But, as she nurses Tony back to health, Rosabella grows to love him. Rosabella discovers that she is pregnant with Joe's child. She tells Tony, assuring him of her love. Tony is extremely angry. Rosabella decides to leave and boards the bus back to San Francisco. Tony rushes to the bus station and convinces her to stay, saying he will claim the baby as his own.
Reviews: Newsweek, David Ansen, 2-24-92; The New York Times, John J. O'Connor, 3-5-80; New York Magazine, John Simon, 10-29-79; Time, T.E. Kalem, 10-22-79; The New York Times, Mel Gussow, 10-12-79; The New York Times, Eleanor Blau, 8-16-79
Length: 02:15
Total Acts: Not Available
Musical Style: Musical theater, with operatic characteristics; popular music and jazz harmonies
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Schedule of Performances Listings
The Most Happy Fella (Loesser)
Saturday, March 4, 2006 - New York City Opera
The Most Happy Fella (Loesser)
Monday, December 26, 1994 - Light Opera Works
The Most Happy Fella (Loesser)
Wednesday, November 23, 1994 - Skylight Music Theatre
The Most Happy Fella (Loesser)
Friday, June 4, 1993 - Townsend Opera Players
The Most Happy Fella (Loesser)
Wednesday, September 4, 1991 - New York City Opera
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