The Scarlet Letter
Composer: Lori Laitman
Librettist: David Mason
Other Artistic Personnel: Israel Getzov (Conductor)
Diane Kessling (Stage Director)
William Henshaw (Set/Costume/Lighting Designer)
Original Cast: Principal roles will be sung by UCA faculty members: Christine Donahue as Hester Prynne
John Garst as Arthur Dimmesdale
Robert Holden as Roger Chillingworth
Martha Antolik as Mistress Hibbons
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Premiere Date: November 06, 2008
Producing Company: University of Central Arkansas with Robert Holden and UCA Opera
Description: In old Boston a young woman, Hester Prynne, has been charged with adultery and forced to wear the scarlet letter 'A' embroidered on her breast. Just as she mounts the scaffold to receive her sentence, her husband, long presumed dead and newly escaped from captivity among the Indians, arrives and recognizes her. This man, renamed as Roger Chillingworth, begins a quest to discover the father of Hester's child. As the community wrestles with whether or not to allow Hester to continue raising her daughter, Chillingworth moves in with the pale young minister, Arthur Dimmesdale, who hides the fact that he is the father of Hester's child. In a dark night of the soul, Arthur is taunted by a local witch, and it becomes clear that he is overcome with guilt and inner conflict about his past with Hester. The two lovers meet in the forest, plotting their escape, sure they can escape the laws and mores of men in this new world. But Dimmesdale cannot forget his guilt, and during an election day ceremony he confesses his sin to the crowd, exposing a branded letter 'A' over his own heart. Dimmesdale dies at the moment of his confession, and the opera moves out into a broader, lyrical sense of time in which its stories are at least partly resolved.
Character List (Major): Hester Prynne, a seamstress (s)
Arthur Dimmesdale, a young minister (t)
Roger Chillingworth, a doctor (bar)

Character List (Minor): Mistress Hibbons, a witch (mz)
John Wilson, an elder minister (t)
Governor Bellingham (bar)
Pearl, Hester's young daughter, non-speaking actor
Length: 2:00
Total Acts: 2
Musical Style: lyrical, dramatic, tonal
Contact: Enchanted Knickers Music
Phone: 301-299-7480
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The Scarlet Letter (Laitman)
Saturday, May 4, 2013 - Opera Colorado
330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212.796.8620 • Fax: 212.796.8621

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