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Marc A. Scorca, President/CEO (E-Mail)
Marc A. Scorca joined OPERA America in 1990 as president and CEO. Since that time, the OPERA America membership has grown from 120 opera companies to nearly 2,500 organizations and individuals. An additional 16,000 subscribers now receive a variety of free and fee-based services. Under his leadership, OPERA America has administered two landmark funding initiatives in support of the development of North American operas and opera audiences and launched an endowment effort in 2000 to create a permanent fund dedicated to supporting new works and audience development activities. OPERA America's relocation from Washington, D.C., to New York City in December 2005, the first step in the construction of a National Opera Center scheduled to open in 2012, has increased communication and collaboration with and among members both locally and nationally. Scorca has led strategic planning retreats for opera companies and other cultural institutions internationally, and has participated on panels for federal, state and local funding agencies, as well as for numerous private organizations. He also appears frequently in the media on a variety of cultural issues. A strong advocate of collaboration, Scorca has led several cross-disciplinary projects, including the Performing Arts Research Coalition and the National Performing Arts Convention (2004 and 2008). He is currently a member of the US delegation to UNESCO, and serves as an officer of the board of the Performing Arts Alliance and the Curtis Institute of Music, as well as on the Music Advisory Board of Hunter College (CUNY). Scorca attended Amherst College where he graduated with high honors in both history and music.
President's Office
Kurt Howard, Managing Director (E-Mail | 212.796.8624)
Kevin M. Sobczyk, CIO (E-Mail)
Traci Schanke, Assistant to the President (E-Mail | 212.796.8623)
Artistic Programs and Services
Laura Lee Everett, Director of Artistic Services (E-Mail | 212.796.8625)
Jeffrey S. Larson, Artistic Services Manager (E-Mail | 646.699.5240)
Justin A. Giles, Artistic Services Coordinator (E-Mail | 646.699.5239)
Dan Cooperman, Director of Development (E-mail | 646.699.5266)
Jane Gullong, Development Adviser (E-Mail | 212.796.8627)
Barbara Thomson, Development Manager (E-Mail | 646.699.5258)
Joseph N. Van Ullen, Development Coordinator (E-Mail | 646.699.5248)
Education and Professional Development
Leah D. Wilson, Director of Learning and Engagement (E-Mail | 646.699.5263)
Sue Landis, Education Coordinator (E-Mail | 646.699.5257)
Finance, Operations, Research and Member Services
Susan Schultz, Controller (E-Mail | 646.699.5259)
Miles Greenberg, Research Manager (E-Mail | 646.699.5243)
Ben Newman, Membership Manager (E-Mail | 646.699.5237) — Advertising Contact
Government Affairs
Brandon Gryde, Director of Government Affairs — Dance/USA and OPERA America (E-Mail | 202.375.7523)
Marketing and Communications
Patricia Kiernan Johnson, Director of Marketing and Communications (E-Mail | 212.796.8628)
Audrey Saccone, Digital Media Manager (E-Mail | 646.699.5245)
Nicholas Wise, Communications and Publications Manager (E-Mail | 646.699.5244)
Matthew Sigman, Editor, Opera America Magazine (E-Mail | 646.699.5294)
James Ty Cumbie, Art Director (E-Mail | 646.699.5242)
National Opera Center Staff
Nicholas Roberts, Opera Center Manager (E-Mail | 212.796.8629)
Ben Young, Opera Center Technical Manager (E-Mail | 646.699.5224)
Sarah McCann, Opera Center Booking Coordinator (E-Mail)
John Lynd, Opera Center Facilities Coordinator (E-Mail)

Stefa Alarcon, Customer Service Associate (E-Mail)
Jay Mejias, Customer Service Associate (E-Mail)
Alyssa Meyers, Customer Service Associate (E-Mail)
Wayne Paul, Customer Service Associate (E-Mail)
Kendell Pinkney, Customer Service Associate (E-Mail)
Jude Thomas, Customer Service Associate (E-Mail)
Katherine Yip, Customer Service Associate (E-Mail)
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