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Composer: Adamo Mark
Librettist: Adamo Mark
Alice Ryley
Composer: Michael Ching
Librettist: Michael Ching
Aethelred the Unready
Composer: Richard Wilson
Librettist: Richard Wilson
America Tropical
Composer: David Conte
Librettist: Oliver Mayer
Anatomy Theater
Composer: David Lang
Librettist: Mark Dion
Atlas — An Opera in Three Parts
Composer: Meredith Monk
Librettist: Meredith Monk
The Big Bonanza
Composer: Monica T. Houghton
Librettist: Jon Christensen
The Breath of Life
Composer: Jefferson Todd Frazier
Librettist: Michael Remson
Central Park (Three One-Act Operas)
Composer: Michael Torke
Deborah Drattel
Librettist: Wendy Wasserstein
A.R. Gurn
Civilization & Its Discontents
Composer: Michael Sahl
Eric Salzman
Librettist: Michael Sahl
Eric Salzman
The Cry of Clytaemnestra
Composer: John Eaton
Librettist: Patrick Creagh
Composer: Rachel J. Peters
Librettist: Rachel J. Peters
The Dangerous Liaisons
Composer: Conrad Susa
Librettist: Philip Littell
Composer: Stefan Weisman
Librettist: Anna Rabinowitz
The Discontented Housewife
Composer: James Nathaniel Holland
Librettist: James Nathaniel Holland
The Dreamers
Composer: David Conte
Librettist: Philip Littell
Dream Sequence
Composer: Alan Stringer
Librettist: Alan Stringer
Why is Eartha Kitt Trying to Kill Me?
Composer: Jeffrey Dennis Smith
Librettist: David Johnston
The Enchantment of Dreams
Composer: Cary John Franklin
Librettist: Michael Patrick Albano
Enchanted April, A Musical Journey
Composer: Richard B. Evans
Librettist: Charles Leipart
Fair Means Foul
Composer: Seymour Barab
Librettist: Seymour Barab
Composer: David Conte
Librettist: John Stirling Walker
Composer: Roger Rudenstein
Librettist: Roger Rudenstein
Firebird Motel
Composer: David Conte
Librettist: David Yezzi
The First Word
Composer: Katrina Cameron
Librettist: Ilsa Gilbert
A Fleeting Animal — An Opera from Judevine
Composer: Erik Nielsen
Librettist: David Budbill
Florencia en el Amazonas (Florencia in the Amazon)
Composer: Daniel Catán
Librettist: Marcela Fuentes-Berain
French Friends
Composer: Persis Parshall Vehar
Librettist: Persis Parshall Vehar
From Little to Less
Composer: Lionel Lackey
Librettist: Lionel Lackey
Gallo, a fable in music in one act
Composer: Ken Ueno
Librettist: Ken Ueno
The Gift of the Magi
Composer: David Conte
Librettist: Nicholas Giardini
The Great Gatsby
Composer: John Harbison
Librettist: John Harbison
Guacamayo's Old Song and Dance
Composer: John Oliver
Librettist: Melissa Cameron
Harriet Tubman: When I Crossed That Line to Freedom
Composer: Nkeiru Okoye
The Hero
Composer: Gian Carlo Menotti
Librettist: Gian Carlo Menotti
Hit the Lights!
Composer: Jon Gilutin
Librettist: Michele Lowe
Hotel Eden
Composer: Henry Mollicone
Librettist: Judith Fein
How the Trumpet Got Its Toot
Composer: Anthony Plog
Librettist: Anthony Plog
How it Storms
Composer: Allen Cole
Librettist: Maristella Roca
Hydrogen Jukebox
Composer: Philip Glass
Librettist: Allen Ginsberg
The Jogger and the Dinosaur
Composer: Gould Morton
Librettist: Gould Morton
Judgement of Midas
Composer: Kamran Ince
Librettist: Miriam Seidel
The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
Composer: Lukas Foss
Librettist: Jean Karsavina
Composer: Don Macdonald
Librettist: Nicola Harwood
The Lost
Composer: Glass Philip
Librettist: Mennicken Rainer
Later the Same Evening
Composer: John Musto
Librettist: Mark Campbell
Composer: Deborah Drattell
Librettist: David Steven Cohen
A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil
Composer: Erling Wold
Librettist: Erling Wold
La Llorona - The Weeping Woman
Composer: Hector Armienta
Librettist: Hector Armienta
Composer: Jack Perla
Librettist: Rob Bailis
Lulu, Le Chant Souterrain
Composer: Alain Thibault
Librettist: Yan Muckle
A Madrigal Opera
Composer: Philip Glass
Librettist: n/a
The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five
Composer: Philip Glass
Librettist: Doris Lessing
Composer: Elena Kats-Chernin
Librettist: Kathleen Mary Fallon
M'Dea Undone
Composer: John Gorrell Harris
Librettist: Marjorie Chan
Memoirs of Uliana Rooney
Composer: Vivian Fine
Librettist: Sonya Friedman
A More Perfect Union
Composer: Victoria Bond
Librettist: Isaiah Sheffer
The Ms. Seattle Skyline Contest
Composer: Donald C. Dilworth
Librettist: Linda Rimel
Naughty Marietta
Composer: Victor Herbert
Librettist: Rida J Young
The New Adam
Composer: Omer Avital
Librettist: Alan Roland
Nixon in China
Composer: John Adams
Librettist: Alice Goodman
Composer: Sidney Corbett
Librettist: Christopher Hein
Composer: Randolph Peters
Librettist: Marilyn Gronsdal Powell
Our Basic Nature
Composer: John Glover
Librettist: Kelley Rourke
Opera to Go
Composer: Various
Librettist: Various
Pepito's Golden Flower
Composer: Caldwell E Mary
Librettist: Caldwell E Mary
The Passion of Rita St. James
Composer: David Conte
Librettist: John Stirling Walker
Queenie Pie
Composer: Duke and Maurice Peress Ellington
Librettist: George C. Wolfe
The Rape of the Lock
Composer: Deborah Mason
Librettist: Deborah Mason
Roman Fever
Composer: Alan Stringer
Librettist: Alan Stringer
Say It Ain't So, Joe
Composer: Curtis K. Hughes
Librettist: Curtis K. Hughes
The Secret Garden
Composer: Nolan Gasser
Librettist: Carey Harrison
Sekidera Komachi
Composer: Alice Shields
Librettist: Alice Shields
The Shoulder
Composer: Dan Moses Schreier
Librettist: Dan Hurlin
The Song of Eddie
Composer: Harold Faberman
Librettist: Andrew Joffe
The Sound of a Voice
Composer: Philip Glass
Librettist: David Henry Hwang
The Stoned Guest
Composer: P.D.Q. Bach; Edited by Peter Sch
Librettist: P.D.Q. Bach
Composer: Kirke Mechem
Librettist: Kirke Mechem
The Tell-Tale Heart
Composer: Robert W. Butts
Librettist: Robert W. Butts
The Thief of Love
Composer: Sheila Silver
Librettist: Sheila Silver
Three Way (Safe Word, The Companion, Masquerade)
Composer: Robert Paterson
Librettist: David Cote
Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Composer: Timothy Sullivan
Librettist: Timothy Sullivan
Composer: Victoria Bond
Librettist: Ann Goethe
Trouble in Tahiti
Composer: Leonard Bernstein
Librettist: Leonard Bernstein
Composer: Ricky Ian Gordon
Librettist: Michael Korie
A View From the Bridge
Composer: William Bolcom
Librettist: Arthur Miller and Arnold Weinste
Wakonda's Dream
Composer: Anthony Davis
Librettist: Yusef Komunyakaa
Warning! — Explicit Material
Composer: David Rodwin
Librettist: David Rodwin
Who Am I?
Composer: Seymour Barab
Librettist: Seymour Barab
The Wolf by the Ears
Composer: Dana Wilson
Librettist: J. Robert Lennon
Dana Wilson
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