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The Adventures of Thumbelina
Composer: Windsor J Helen
Librettist: Windsor J Helen
Alice Ryley
Composer: Michael Ching
Librettist: Michael Ching
Abraham Lincoln
Composer: Lionel Lackey
Librettist: Lionel Lackey
Alice in Wonderland
Composer: Robert Chauls
Librettist: Robert Chauls and Lewis Carroll
Alice in Wonderland
Composer: Unsuk Chin
Librettist: David Henry Hwang
Composer: Philip Glass
Librettist: Christopher Hampton
Backwards from Winter
Composer: Douglas Knehans
Librettist: Juanita Rockwell
Beatrice Chancy
Composer: James Rolfe
Librettist: George Elliott Clarke
Black Wings
Composer: William Harper
Librettist: Theodore Shank
Dark Sisters
Composer: Nico Muhly
Librettist: Stephen Karam
Dark Mission
Composer: John D. Nugent
Librettist: Charles Deemer
Death of Virgil
Composer: Michael White
Librettist: Thom Sokoloski
Diary of a Madman
Composer: Michael White
Librettist: Michael White
The Central Park Five
Composer: Anthony Davis
Librettist: Richard Wesley
Flight - Ivan the Terrible
Composer: George Antheil
Librettist: George Antheil
Composer: John Craton
Librettist: adapted from Addai Alkhas
Harvey Milk
Composer: Stewart Wallace
Librettist: Michael Korie
A Hill of Bones
Composer: Persis Parshall Vehar
Librettist: Michael Ehrenreich
Huck Finn
Composer: Brian Hulse
Librettist: Brian Hulse
The Last Twilight
Composer: Thea Musgrave
Librettist: D. H. Lawrence
Les Feluettes (Lilies)
Composer: Kevin March
Librettist: Michel Bouchard
Lincoln's Happiest Night
Composer: Lionel Lackey
Librettist: Lionel Lackey
Lost in the Stars
Composer: Kurt Weill
Librettist: Maxwell Anderson
Madame White Snake
Composer: Zhou Long
Librettist: Cerise Lim Jacobs
Man on the Bearskin Rug
Composer: Paul Ramsier
Librettist: James Elward
Master Tom and the Sable Woman
Composer: Composer sought
Librettist: Leroy Aarons
Minutes Til Midnight
Composer: Robert Ward
Librettist: Daniel Lang
The Miraculous Phonograph Record
Composer: Claude White
Librettist: Jean Randich
A More Perfect Union
Composer: Victoria Bond
Librettist: Isaiah Sheffer
The Most Important Man
Composer: Gian Carlo Menotti
Librettist: Gian Carlo Menotti
Pepito's Golden Flower
Composer: Caldwell E Mary
Librettist: Caldwell E Mary
Patience & Sarah
Composer: Paula M. Kimper
Librettist: Wende Persons
REV. 23
Composer: Julian Wachner
Librettist: Cerise Lim Jacobs
The Robin Woman: Shanewis
Composer: Charles Wakefield Cadman
Librettist: Nelle Richmond Eberhart
Satan's Bride: Maren of Vardø
Composer: Jeff Myers
Librettist: Royce Vavrek
Slaying the Dragon
Composer: Michael Ching
Librettist: Ellen Frankel
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Composer: Seymour Barab
Librettist: Seymour Barab
Strange Fruit
Composer: Chandler Carter
Librettist: Joan Ross Sorkin
Composer: Brian Hulse
Librettist: Brian Hulse
The Fix
Composer: Joel Puckett
Librettist: Eric Simonson
The Little Blue One – A Chamber Opera in Three Acts
Composer: Dominick DiOrio
Librettist: Meghan Guidry
Composer: Conrad Susa
Librettist: Anne Sexton
Troubled Island
Composer: William Grant Still
Librettist: Langston Hughes and Verna Arvey
The Life and Death(s) of Alan Turing (The Turing Project)
Composer: Justine F. Chen
Librettist: David Simpatico
Vasya Whitefeet
Composer: John Craton
Librettist: John Craton
The Visitation
Composer: Gunther Schuller
Librettist: Gunther Schuller
Voicing Emily
Composer: Eddie Perfect, Greg Mason Hammond
Librettist: Helen Noonan
White Raven
Composer: Philip Glass
Librettist: Luisa Costa Gomes
The Whitechapel Whirlwind
Composer: Howard Fredrics
Librettist: Jacob Sager Weinstein
X, or The Life and Times of Malcolm X
Composer: Anthony Davis
Librettist: Thulani Davis
The Yellow Wallpaper
Composer: Dan Welcher
Librettist: Dan Welcher
Composer: Curtis Bryant
Librettist: Mary R. Bullard
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