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Backwards from Winter
Composer: Douglas Knehans
Librettist: Juanita Rockwell
The Brothers Grimm
Composer: Dean Burry
Librettist: Dean Burry
Cuentos de Peregrinacion
Composer: Hector Armienta
Librettist: Hector Armienta
Composer's Partnership Workshop
Composer: various
Librettist: various
Dockdoktom (The Doll Doctor)
Composer: Bengt Perry
Librettist: Bengt Perry
Composer: David Carlson
Librettist: Aden Ross
Dream True
Composer: Ricky Ian Gordon
Librettist: Tina Landau
Composer: Lewis Spratlan
Librettist: Constance Congdon
Eight Minute Television Operas
Composer: various; TBA
Librettist: various; TBA various; TBA
Composer: Victor Herbert
Librettist: Henry Blossom
The Enchantment of Dreams
Composer: Cary John Franklin
Librettist: Michael Patrick Albano
Enid and the Swans
Composer: James Rolfe
Librettist: Alexis Diamond
Gallo, a fable in music in one act
Composer: Ken Ueno
Librettist: Ken Ueno
The Harpies
Composer: Marc Blitzstein
Librettist: Marc Blitzstein
He Who Gets Slapped
Composer: Robert Ward
Librettist: Bernard Stambler
A House in Bali
Composer: Evan Ziporyn
Librettist: Paul Schick
Inside Opera
Composer: various
Librettist: various
A Madrigal Opera
Composer: Philip Glass
Librettist: n/a
Nico. Sphinx aus Eis
Composer: Ari Benjamin Meyers
Librettist: Werner Fritsch, Nina Gühlstorff,
Opera to Go
Composer: Various
Librettist: Various
The Passion of Jonathan Wade
Composer: Carlisle Floyd
Librettist: Carlisle Floyd
Composer: Stephen Sondheim
Librettist: Stephen Sondheim
Practice in the Art of Elocution
Composer: Jack Beeson
Librettist: Jack Beeson
The Rake's Progress
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Librettist: W.H. Auden
The Reconciliation
Composer: John Craton
Librettist: Peter Markoe
Satan's Bride: Maren of Vardø
Composer: Jeff Myers
Librettist: Royce Vavrek
The Scarlet Ibis
Composer: Stefan Weisman
Librettist: David Cote
Slaying the Dragon
Composer: Michael Ching
Librettist: Ellen Frankel
Composer: Harry Somers
Librettist: various
The Stranger's Tale
Composer: Curtis Tucker
Librettist: Nelson Sheeley
The Tempest
Composer: Lee Hoiby
Librettist: Mark Shulgasser
The Life and Death(s) of Alan Turing (The Turing Project)
Composer: Justine F. Chen
Librettist: David Simpatico
Voir Dire
Composer: Matthew Peterson
Librettist: Jason Zencka
The Voyage of Edgar Allen Poe
Composer: Dominick Argento
Librettist: Charles Nolte
The Women in the Garden
Composer: Vivian Fine
Librettist: Vivian Fine
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