Saga of the Hidden Sun
Composer: Edward C. Garza
Librettist: Elizabeth Shaw
Premiere Date: Not available.
Description: As the curtain opens, the Rainbow Goddess appears standing in the midst of a play of lights with shifting rainbows over a waterfall. Enter the Old Sailor on his boat blowing his horn. He declares love and invites the Goddess into his boat. She sets a task for him&mdashshe will hide the sun, he must find it, then she will come into his boat. The Old Sailor accepts the challenge and exits. The Goddess summons a very large fish and commands it to swallow and hide the sun at the bottom of the sea. A musical interlude. The sailor is seen on his journey in search of the sun. Scene 2. The Old Sailor has reached a wall of ice and must go back without the sun. In his quest to satisfy the Goddess’ demand, he goes to his brother, the Goldsmith, to get his help. Scene 3. The Old Sailor lies sleeping under a tree outside the home of his brother. He has convinced the Goldsmith to fashion a wondrous golden image of the sun. Scene 4. Dark stage at waterfall in Scene 1. God enters and scolds his daughter, the Goddess, for hiding the sun. The time limit for the Old Sailor’s task has passed. The Goddess summons the blue fish and commands him to spit out the sun. At that moment, the Old Sailor appears in his boat carrying the metal sun. He realizes he is too late. Now, in chorus, the others, who are all in view, chide the Old Sailor, urging him to go home and give up adventuring. One by one, the Old Sailor acknowledges the meaningfulness of each realm they represent.
Character List (Major): Old Sailor(bar); Goddess(s)
Character List (Minor): God(b); Fish(bar); Brother(bar)
Length: 00:55
Total Acts: 1
Chorus: The entire cast, all but Old Sailor, periodically form the chorus.
Orchestration: 3 fl(picc), ob, cl(Bb), bsn - hrn, tpt, tbn - 2 perc, timp, hp, celesta, 2 pn, str
Musical Style: Lyrical, contemporary harmonies and rhythms; contrapuntal passages
Contact: Edward C. Garza
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