Dead Man Walking
Composer: Jake Heggie
Librettist: Terrence McNally
Other Artistic Personnel: Patrick Summers (Conductor)
Joe Mantello (Director)
Michael Yeargan (Designer)
Sam Flemming (Costume Designer)
Jennifer Tipton (Lighting Designer)
Original Cast: Sean San Jose (Young Man)
Dawn Walters (Young Woman)
John Packard/Teddy Tahu Rhodes (Joseph de Rocher)
David Tenenbaum (Anthony de Rocher)
Susan Graham/Kristine Jepson (Sister Helen Prejean)
Theresa Hamm-Smith (Sister Rose)
Rachelle Perry (A mother)
Sally Mouzon (Sister Lillianne)
Virginia Pluth (Sister Catherine)
Jeremy Singletary (Jimmy Charlton)
Donita Volkwijn (Mrs. Charlton)
David Okerlund (A motor cop/First prison guard)
Jay Hunter Morris (Father Grenville)
John Ames (George Benton)
Philip Horst (Second prison guard)
Richard Walker (First inmate)
Daniel Harper (Second inmate)
David Kekuewa (Third inmate)
Frederick Winthrop (Fourth inmate)
Frederick Matthews (Fifth inmate)
Jim Croom (A paralegal)
Frederica von Stade (Mrs. Patrick de Rocher)
Eli Borggraefe (Her 19-year-old son)
Mario Sawaya (Her 14-year-old son)
Robert Orth (Owen Hart)
Nicolle Foland (Kitty Hart)
Catherine Cook (Jade Boucher)
Gary Rideout (Howard Boucher)
Work Web Site:
Premiere Date: October 07, 2000
Producing Company: San Francisco Opera
Description: A Louisiana nun becomes a spiritual advisor to a convicted murderer on death row, and struggles to persuade him to admit his guilt and find redemption. The opera explores the human conflicts posed by society's demands for vengeance and the Christian imperative for forgiveness and love.

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Character List (Major): Sister Helen Prejean (mz)
Joseph de Rocher (bar)
Mrs. Patrick de Rocher (mz)
Sister Rose (s)
Character List (Minor): George Benton (bb)
Father Grenville (t)
Owen Hart (bar)
Kitty Hart (s)
Howard Boucher (t)
Jade Boucher (mz)
Bit Parts: Motorcycle Cop (bar)
Prison Guard #1 (bar)
Prison Guard #2 (bar)
Older Brother to Joseph (t)
Younger Brother to Joseph (t)
Teenage Girl (actor)
Teenage Boy (actor)
A Paralegal (speaking)
Sister Catherine (s)
Sister Lillianne (s)
First Mother (mz)
Mrs. Charlton (mz)
Jimmy (from children's chorus - speaking)
Anthony de Rocher (actor)
A Nurse (silent)
Five Solo Inmates
Reviews: Back to Death Row With a Convict and a Crusading Nun - The New York Times 10/9/2000
`Walking' Tall Opera's `Dead Man' is a masterpiece of music, words and emotions - The New York Times 10/9/2000
Video Clip:
Length: 03:00
Total Acts: 2
Chorus: Chorus
Ballet/Dance: SATB, minimum 32 (including some bit parts)
Musical Style: Contemporary, with many influences from American popular styles
Contact: Bill Holab Music
Composer Web Site:
Publisher Web Site: Http://
The Opera Fund Awardee Information
Award Category: 2011 Robert L.B. Tobin Directo
Project Name: Dead Man Walking
Awardee: Justin Johnson
Director: Justin Johnson
Designer: Set Designer: Damon Pelletier, Costume Designer: H
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