The Magic Mirror
Composer: Polina Nazaykinskaya
Librettist: Lidiya Yankovskaya
Other Artistic Personnel: Lidiya Yankovskaya (music director)
Original Cast: Jennifer Weiman (Evil Queen)
Erin Anderson (Princess)
Andy Papas (King)
Oswaldo Iraheta (Prince)
Noune Karapetian (Queen Mother)
Yelena Dudochkin (Chernyafka)
Premiere Date: Not available.
Description: The Magic Mirror tells the story of a young girl, a little princess, whose mother dies at a very young age.  Once she grows up, the young princess turns into a stunning beauty, whose loveliness flourishes and eclipses that of her evil stepmother.  The Queen learns this truth from a magic mirror and angered by this news, sends the Princess into the dark forest to die.  But, the Princess survives and takes refuge in the home of seven brothers, seven warrior-princes.

Meanwhile, at the castle, the Queen consults her magic mirror again and learns that her step-daughter is still alive.  Enraged, she poisons an apple, and wearing a disguise, goes to visit the Princess.  Her unsuspecting step-daughter takes a bite out of the fruit and falls unconcious.  The seven brothers mourn the Princess and place her body in a crystal coffin, suspended on chains in a cave.  The King, father to the dead Princess, and her beloved Prince, Elysseus, learn of her tragic fate.  Refusing to believe the rumors, Elysseus sets off to find the Princess, evoking the powers of nature to aid him in this quest.  After he locates her body, he brushes her lips with a kiss and sheds a tear on her body.  As though through magic, the Princess opens her eyes and comes back to life.  The couple return to the kingdom and are greeted by the King's blessing for their marriage.  The Queen dies out of exasperation, and the court sings praise to the King, the Princess, and Prince Elysseus.
Length: Length is not available.
Total Acts: Not Available
Contact: Not Available
Librettist Web Site:
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