Composer: Manuel B. Gonzalez
Librettist: Pedro Rojas Peterson
Premiere Date: Not available.
Producing Company: Opera de las Americas
Description: A very poor man, who already supports twelve children, has a thirteenth and resolves to ask the first person he meets to become godfather to this child. First God and then the Devil come forward to be the godfather, but the poor man rejects them both. When Death steps forward, the man readily accepts him. One day, when the boy is grown, his godfather leads him to the forest, shows him a special herb, and says, "The time has come to give you your christening present. It will make you a famous physician. Always when you are called to a patient's bedside, I will appear to you. If I stand by the patient's head, you may speak boldly and promise to cure him, and then if you give him the herb he will recover; but if I stand by his feet, then the patient belongs to me and you must say that all efforts would be in vain and that no doctor in the world can save him. Take care not to use the herb against my will, or you may find yourself in trouble." The young man becomes a very famous and rich physician. However, when the King becomes ill, the Physician sees Death at the King's feet, but administers the herb regardless. Death, extremely angry, offers his godson another chance. When the Physician is called to the bedside of the King's daughter, he sees Death, once again, standing at her feet. Overcome by the princess's beauty, the Physician administers the herb and the princess lives. Overcome with anger, Death drags the Physician to an underground cave and shows him his collection of burning candles, each representing someone's life. Death picks up a very small candle that is about to burn out and explains that this is the Physician's life. The Physician begs his godfather not to end his life, but Death purposely drops the little candle and the Physician falls dead in his godfather's arms.
Length: 03:00
Total Acts: 3
Contact: Manuel B. Gonzalez or Teresa Perez Frangie, Opera de las Americas
E-mail Address:
Phone: 212-362-0965
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