Dracula, the Opera
Composer: Paul Ziemba
Librettist: Paul Ziemba
Other Artistic Personnel: Ivan Docenko, music director; John Antonelli, percussion director; Lisa Taylor, choreographer; Helen Quinby, costume designer
Original Cast: Thomas Witakowski (Dracula); Heide Guay (Mina); Richard Bystron (Jonathan); Andrea Todaro (Lucy); James Carrubba (Dr. Van Helsing); Ian Michaelski (Renfield); Kenneth Schlimgen (Dr. Seward); Alfonzo Tyson (Arthur); Shirley Byczynski (Rupa the gypsy); Roberto Gonzales (Bela the gypsy); Jillian Bystron (bride of Dracula); Holly Bystron (bride of Dracula)
Premiere Date: April 28, 2000
Producing Company: Grandmaster Productions
Description: Jonathan Harker arrives at Castle Dracula in Transylvania giving a lease for an English abbey to Dracula, who plans a trip to England. Dracula's bloodthirsty brides stalk Jonathan, but after Dracula's angry intervention, he is imprisoned while the Count goes to England in search of his long lost love. Mina Murray, Jonathan's fiancée, is in England with her friend Lucy. They encounter the bizarre Renfield--an escapee from an asylum who warns of Dracula's coming. In the meantime, Lucy and Arthur meet and fall in love, and after he leaves, she is murdered by Dracula. Dr. Seward, Arthur, and Dr. Van Helsing later encounter Lucy—now a vampire. Arthur grimly drives a stake through his love's heart. Two weeks later, Count Dracula is the guest of honor at the Whitby grand ball, and is introduced to Drs. Seward and Van Helsing, and then to Mina—with whom he is immediately enraptured. Dracula's trance causes her to end her engagement with Jonathan. Later, revenge is taken upon the Count and the mortally wounded creature bids a sad farewell to Mina, lifts his curse on her, and dies.
Length: 02:10
Total Acts: 3
Chorus: Small Chorus
Orchestration: pf/kbd, perc
Musical Style: Classical-Romantic opera with four ballet numbers
Contact: Paul Ziemba, Grandmaster Productions
E-mail Address: Paulz538@cs.com
Phone: 716-834-9563
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