Angel Square
Composer: Clifford Crawley
Librettist: Janet Irwin
Other Artistic Personnel: Lori Victor, BC Parent Executive; Robert Filion, Conductor; Janet Irwin, Stage Director; Marcus Handmanm, Administrative Director; Jeanette Aster, Artistic Director; Chris Craig, Dir. Sec. Event; Ron Ward, Production Manager
Original Cast: Opera Lyra Ottawa Boys' Choir: Nathen Back, Timon Beck, John Brandon, Drew Corley, Marc Brigdon-Rene de Cotret, Nicholas Brigden-Rene de Cotret, Bart Dickinson, Shane Dunstan, Johnatan Estarbrooks, Benjamin Filewod, Niell Filewod, Christian Filion, Anthony Galati, Misha Handman, Alex Jessup, Ryan Mathews, Mathew McCue, Alexander Miller, Christopher Parkes, Ryan Salter, David Salter, Shawn Simister, Conor Shields, Caleb Snider, Marek Szymborski, Andrew Thorn, Liam Vainola, Stephen Vasic, Jason Whitwill
Premiere Date: December 18, 1996
Producing Company: Opera Lyra Ottawa Boys Choir
Description: Angel Square is a new opera for family audiences. It is performed by children, and it's all about what's important to them--friendship, feuding, fighting, and solving crimes! If you're a kid in the 1940's, life in Ottawa's Lowertown is no picnic. School is a drag, loyalties are constantly shifting, and your own neighborhood offers the possibility of random violence. Angel Square is the no-man's land; crossing it means taking your life in your hands, or the exciting opportunity of teaching some other wiseacre kid a lesson. When a real crisis occurs, watch how a group of street-tough kids use brains, brawn, and ingenious crime-solving techniques (based on those of their hero, The Shadow), to solve a mystery, bring a bad guy to justice, and learn a thing or two about friendship, responsibility, and love.
Length: 01:15
Total Acts: 2
Musical Style: Opera for children's voices. Accessible, contemporary for family audiences
Contact: Opera Lyra Ottawa
Phone: 613-233-9200
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