The Passion of Serge and Bacchus
Composer: Allan (Cline) Isaac, PhD
Librettist: Ian Thompson, MD
Original Cast: Roles, in order of appearance: Julia (soprano), Maximium (bass), Serge (tenor), Antiochus (tenor), messenger (soprano/alto), Bacchus (Baritone), 2 Deacons (tenor and baritone) Priest (alto), 2nd messenger (tenor)
Premiere Date: Not available.
Description: Serge is the Captain of the Imperial guards of the Emperor Maximium and his niece/paramour Julia. He has an intimate relationship with them, and introduces a young man, Antiochus to them with the hopes that if Antiochus pleases the Emperor, Antiochus will get a governorship. At the same time Bacchus is sent to Maximian's court to ensure the Emperor is well protected. Serge is fascinated by Bacchus who is reserved and doesn't participate in the court's revelries. While exercising with the troops, Bacchus tells Serge that he would want to have a partner to love. Serge finds that strange because he doesn't believe in love, only lust. Bacchus says that he is a Christian and believes in eternal love. Serge and Bacchus fall in love and in a church ceremony have a blessing of their union. When Julia discovers that Serge and Bacchus are united, she vows revenge, and condemns them to Maximium. When Serge and Bacchus refuse to worship Maximium he gives them a month to change their minds and sends them to Antiochus (now a governor). Under Julia's orders Antiochus has Bacchus flogged to death, who, while dying, exhorts Serge to be steadfast till they are re-united. Antiochus, in love with Serge, begs Serge to change his mind. Serge refuses and is beaten to death. Bacchus comes from heaven, assuring everyone of forgiveness, and in death, Serge and Bacchus are reunited.
Length: 02:30
Total Acts: 2
Musical Style: Romantic style, with definite arias, duets, recitatives, and choruses; melodic and harmonic; "accessible" as opposed to "academic."
Contact: Ian Thompson
E-mail Address:
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