Aika ja UniI/The Age of Dreams
Composer: Herman Rechberger, Kortekangas
Librettist: Paavo Rintala
Other Artistic Personnel: Osmo Vänskä, conductor; Jussi Tapola, stage director; Hannu Lindholm, stage design; Sari Suominen, costume design; Timo Alhanen, lighting design; Kyösti Haatanen, chorus master
Original Cast: I) NUNC ET SEMPER Jorma Hynninen (Bertrand Person); II) MARIAN RAKKAUS (Maria's Love) Monica Groop (Maria); Hannu Niemelä (Paul); Juha Kotilainen (Blazer); Aki Alamikkotervo (Wolf); Esa Ruuttunen (General Janos); Lassi Virtanen (Peter); Anna-Lisa Jakobsson (Äiti); Tiina Vahevaara (Bonbon/female dancer); III) SALAISUUKSIEN (The Book of Secrets) Monica Groop (Mary Magdalene); Jukka Romu (Old soldier/3rd black-cloaked man); Anna-Lisa Jakobsson (Pilate's wife); Tiina Vahevaara (Female slave of Pilate's wife); Tapani Valtasaari (Pilate); Lassi Virtanen (Optio); Esa Ruuttunen (Roman patrician); Hannu Niemelä (Prisoner/Mad King); Aki Alamikkotervo (Consul)
Premiere Date: July 15, 2000
Producing Company: Savonlinna Opera Festival
Description: The Age of Dreams, consisting of three separate operas, weaves together cultures and eras in a way that provokes debate on the role of opera as a form of art and the new potential inherent in it. I) NUNC ET SEMPER. The trilogy begins with the oratorio-like opera set in market places, a circus, and in war. Rechberger works in multilingualism, his love for Latin and Greek, his Catholic upbringing, and the "musical icons" of Austria, as well as the devastating events of 20th century European history. II) MARIA'S LOVE Lasting just over an hour, it is set in 20th century Europe and based on a real story about a young woman and her fiancé, a well-known theologian and writer who died a martyr for his religious and political convictions. III) The Book of Secrets It adopts an unusual perspective in interpreting events and phenomena that have had the most decisive effect on the very essence of Western culture, which has been closely bound to the birth and spreading of Christianity. The basic issue is the concept of truth: what is truth, who defines it, and how can we know whether the truth has been manipulated?
Length: 04:00
Total Acts: 3
Chorus: Large Chorus
Musical Style: Different styles
Contact: Savonlinna Opera Festival
E-mail Address:
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