Opera is Common Core
Opera education programs across the country are offering K-12 programs that naturally align with the Common Core State Standards. A working group of opera company education professionals and OPERA America staff developed a statement that demonstrates how opera learning meets required curriculum standards and contributes to student achievement.

Download the PDF of the statement here.
Opera and Common Core: Connections Between the Common Core State Standards and Opera Learning
Prepared by OPERA America’s Common Core Working Group, September 2013

Opera and Common Core Webinar

Learn how to navigate the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and articulate the value of opera K-12 education programs. Sandra Ruppert, director of the Arts Education Partnership, will provide an overview of the CCSS. Hear from Brandon Gryde, director of government affairs at OPERA America, about how the opera field has contributed to arts education advocacy. Jill Burnham, education manager at Los Angeles Opera, and Barbara Lynne Jamison, youth programs manager at Seattle Opera, will join the conversation for a discussion on how opera companies are working with schools and teachers to prepare students for success. Moderated by Leah D. Barto, director of learning and leadership, OPERA America.

View the slides from the presentation.
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