Forums, Convenings and Listservs
As part of its effort to identify and respond to challenges in the field, OPERA America has established a number of artistic and administrative network Forums to advance understanding in critical areas of the industry. By convening for focused discussions throughout the year, these Forums allow professionals to more easily address shared issues and engage a network of support.

OPERA America also maintains a number of listservs to encourage communication throughout the field. Listserv subscriptions are benefits of various membership categories. To subscribe to a listserv, please e-mail the contacts listed below.

Not all networks have a forum meeting and listserv.
You must login above to join a listserv. Please review the list below to learn which membership levels may access which listservs.
* - Professional Company Member only
** - All Organizational Members
Arts Administration*
Listserv: Artsadmin-L*
Arts Advocacy*
Listserv: Operagov-L
Arts advocates may use this listserv to discuss arts policy and legislative issues affecting the field of opera. Subscribers also receive e-mail updates and Action Alerts from OPERA America.
Forum Meeting
As the field’s reliance on contributed income has increased, regulations governing such income have undergone constant revision. Participants in this Forum will keep abreast of the latest changes and discuss best practices for obtaining, retaining and increasing the gifts that are vital to the production of opera. Please contact Dan Cooperman for more information.

Listserv: Operadev-L*
Development staff benefit from electronic communication on a broad range of issues relating to fundraising and resource development.
Education and Community Engagement*
Forum Meeting
The inherently interdisciplinary nature of opera makes it a valuable tool for learning. This Forum aims to share lessons learned from across the field about programming opera education programs, arts integration, assessment and evaluation procedures, community engagement projects, and more. Please contact Sarah Carter for more information.

Listserv: Operaed-L*
Education and community engagement professionals use this tool to ask questions about K-12, audience learning and community-based programming.
Electronic Media*
Forum Meeting
Technology’s constant changes provide the field with both challenges and opportunities. This Forum connects national experts and colleagues to help the field capitalize on the potential that this ever-changing front can offer. Please contact Robert Whipple for more information.

Listserv: Emfopera-L*
The Electronic Media Forum listserv is open to Professional Company Member staff to discuss rights and clearances, new media and other related issues.
Forum Meeting
The Finance/HR/Administration Forum is comprised of practitioners in the field of opera administration who are dedicated to strengthening mutual understanding, improving practices in the field and encouraging the exchange of information among the networks of financial, human resources, information systems and general administration personnel. Please contact Christian De Gré Cardenas for more information.

Listserv: Operafinhr-L*
Finance, administration, human resources, and information technology professionals gather on this listserv to share information on personnel manuals, server and software issues and budget practices.
General Directors
Listserv: Operagd-L*
General Directors of Budget 1 and 2 companies may subscribe to this listserv to discuss a broad range of issues related to artistic, administrative and governance issues.

Listserv: Opera3-L*
General Directors of Budget 3 find this listserv helpful in addressing a wide array of issues relevant to companies with operating budgets between $1-3M.

Listserv: Opera4-L*
General Directors of Budget 4 find this listserv helpful in addressing a wide array of issues relevant to companies with operating budgets between $250,000 and $1M.

Listserv: Opera5-L*
General Directors of Budget 5 find this listserv helpful in addressing a wide array of issues relevant to companies with operating budgets of under $250,000.
Marketing and PR*
Forum Meeting
As media outlets and their consumption continue to evolve, so too must our methods for reaching the widest possible audience for opera. Dialogue between marketing and PR professionals across the field will help the industry navigate today’s diverse marketing landscape. Please contact Rolando G. Reyes Mir for more information.

Listserv: Operamktpr-L*
Members of the Marketing/Public Relations network use this forum to discuss issues from marketing policies and procedures to marketing trends and statistics.
National Trustee Forum
Forum Meeting
Like most nonprofit organizations, the health of an opera company relies heavily on the strengths of its board. This Forum enables OPERA America and trustees in leadership positions to learn from one another and develop a better understanding of the field’s most pressing governance issues. Please contact Marc Scorca for more information.
New Works Forum**
Forum Meeting
The creation of new work is essential to the relevance and vitality of any art form. Opera is no exception. This Forum convenes composers, librettists, designers, producers and publishers to ask questions and share knowledge about methods for ensuring the successful creation and production of new operatic works. Please contact Robert Whipple
Listserv: Newopera-L**
Open to individual and organizational members of the New Works Forum, this listserve provides a forum to promote new works activities, look for creative partners, and inquire about best practices.
Performer Development** (formerly the Singer Training Forum)
Forum Meeting
This Forum aims to facilitate dialogue between voice teachers, young artist program managers, administrators, artist managers and others to help share resources and improve methods for identifying talented singers and providing well-rounded training to best prepare them for careers in opera. Please contact Nataly Wickham for more information.

Listserv: Perfdevelopment-L*
This listserv provides a forum for teachers, artist managers, and artistic and singer training administrators from opera companies to discuss repertoire for young artists, appropriate curricula for academic and professional young singers, masterclass ideas and more.
Forum Meeting
Twice a year, designers and technical/production professionals gather to share best practices and learn from one another about the demands of mounting new and existing productions, developing co-productions, and carrying out other tasks required by the art form. Please contact Robert Whipple
Listserv: Operaprod-L*
Open to technical/production professionals, this listserve provides a forum to discuss staff recruitment, sourcing materials and other relevant matters. Costume personnel and production staff use this forum to discuss company practices and procedures, staffing emergencies and other related matters.
Visa Applications*
Listserv: Visasupport-L*
Opera professionals who are involved in the visa application process for international guest artists may use this listserv to find support materials and ask questions. Subscribers receive procedural updates.
Women's Opera Network
Listserv: Won-L**
Anyone affiliated with the opera industry and interested in the goals of the Women’s Opera Network is invited to join the listserv for OPERA America's Women's Opera Network.

* - Professional Company Member only
** - All Organizational Members
*** - Travel grants are made possible through generous support of the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation.
Opera Conference
OPERA America's annual conference is the premier gathering of opera professionals in North America.

The opera conference attracts more than 750 attendees, including opera company general directors, staff members, trustees and volunteers, as well as artists and other industry professionals. Each year, OPERA America partners with a host opera company in a different city to offer nearly 100 events over five days. The conference offers inspiring general plenary sessions, informative breakout sessions, exciting performances and abundant networking opportunities.

Join us in Seattle, May 13-16, 2020.

View conference history and previous session materials here.

Leadership Intensive
The Leadership Intensive program identifies the most promising professionals in the field of opera administration and provides them with a unique experience designed to bolster their leadership capacity and advance their careers. Seminars and networking opportunities provide an active learning environment for addressing strategic issues, building necessary skills and fostering strong professional connections in order to lead the opera field. Following the program, participants are prepared to apply new skills, share their learning and demonstrate leadership that contributes to local companies and communities. Participants are selected based on their potential to make a significant contribution to the opera field, demonstrated leadership thus far in their careers and the clearly articulated learning goals they have set for their professional growth. Learn more >>

Upcoming Forum Meetings
2020-21 Dates and events to be determined. Check back soon.

The National Opera Trustee Recognition Program was established to honor opera company trustees for exemplary leadership, support and audience-building efforts within their communities on behalf of their respective opera companies across the country. OPERA America’s commitment to recognizing excellence in governance stems from a core belief that the strength of an opera company is directly linked to the quality of governance demonstrated by its board members. It is OPERA America’s conviction that strong trustee commitment in the three key areas of leadership, support and audience-building is essential.

The National Opera Trustee Recognition Program highlights the tenets of good governance, provides models of trustee and volunteer excellence, amplifies the efforts of distinguished trustees to a national audience, and strengthens the relationship between trustees and the companies and communities they serve. Click here to learn more.
Forum Travel Stipends
To ensure that all members have the opportunity to participate in these meetings, OPERA America is pleased to offer a limited number of travel subsidies to members attending the following Forum meetings: Development, Education, Finance/Administration, Marketing/PR, and Technical/Production.

Travel Stipends may be requested by OPERA Organizational Members in good standing. Individual members are not eligible for consideration. Some stipends are reserved for Professional Company Members only.

Deadline: Applications are addressed on a first-come, first-served basis in advance of each respective Forum meeting.
To apply: Stipend applications are available through Forum registration. For more information and to apply for funding, please click here.

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