Kurt Weill

Kurt Julian Weill (March 2, 1900 – April 3, 1950) was a German-Jewish composer, growing up in a religious household. He began piano lessons at 12 and immediately began experimenting with his own compositions. His early success came with his non-stage works though he gravitated toward vocal music and musical theatre. He fled Nazi Germany in 1933, denounced for his socialist views despite being a popular composer. Traveling to Paris, London, and the US he eventually became a United States citizen in 1943. His ideals of writing music that served a socially useful purpose followed him in his travels and he wrote Down in the Valley and other songs in support of the American war effort. Weill died of a heart attack in New York City. His music is still popular sixty years after his death.

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Skylight Music TheatreThe Threepenny Opera1/1/1998 - 2/15/1998
Metropolitan OperaRise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny11/11/1995 - 12/12/1995
Lyric Opera of Kansas CityDown in the Valley9/9/1995 - 9/24/1995
Central City OperaThe Threepenny Opera7/7/1995 - 8/13/1995
Houston Grand OperaStreet Scene1/1/1994 - 2/1/1994
Santa Fe OperaThe Protagonist7/1/1993 - 8/1/1993
Boston Lyric OperaLost in the Stars1/1/1992 - 1/21/1992
Skylight Music TheatreLady in the Dark9/1/1991 - 10/1/1991

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