April 1, 1954
The Tender Land
Composer:Aaron Copland
Librettist:Horace Everett
Set in the American Midwest during the 1930s at harvest time. The plot concerns a farm family. Ma Moss, her daughter Laurie, Laurie's sister Beth (a speaking role), and Grandpa Moss are approached by two drifters, Martin and Top, and asked if there are any odd jobs available for them. The family has heard reports about two men molesting young girls in the area and are at first reluctant to hire the drifters. At Laurie's urging, they hire the men. Soon, the men are accused of being the molesters. Even though the charges against the two are proven false, the men are asked to leave the farm in the morning. That night, at Laurie's high school graduation party, she and Martin fall in love and plan to run away together. Martin, attacked by fears of responsibility, is then convinced by Top that the road is no place for someone like Laurie. Laurie awakens to find that the two men have left without her. She decides to leave anyway. The mother now turns her attention to the younger daughter.

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Des Moines Metro OperaThe Tender Land7/5/2018 - 7/8/2018
Intermountain Opera BozemanThe Tender Land10/13/2017 - 10/15/2017
Michigan Opera TheatreThe Tender Land3/12/2016 - 3/12/2016
Chelsea OperaThe Tender Land6/6/2014 - 6/14/2014
Glimmerglass FestivalThe Tender Land7/1/2010 - 8/21/2010
Madison OperaThe Tender Land2/2/2008 - 3/3/2008
Opera OmahaThe Tender Land11/1/2004 - 11/18/2004
Opera Company of BrooklynThe Tender Land4/1/2004 - 4/4/2004
Skylight Music TheatreThe Tender Land2/2/2002 - 2/17/2002
Mobile OperaThe Tender Land10/10/2000 - 10/20/2000
Virginia OperaThe Tender Land1/1/1998 - 2/15/1998
Fargo-Moorhead OperaThe Tender Land3/1/1997 - 3/16/1997
Charlottesville OperaThe Tender Land7/7/1996 - 8/18/1996
Chicago Opera TheaterThe Tender Land6/6/1995 - 7/1/1995

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Musical Style
Traditional operatic set pieces with recitative. Diatonic. Score contains several folksongs and is written in a simple style for a small orchestra.

Original Cast
Rosemary Carlos (Laurie)
Norman Treigle (Grandpa Moss)
Jean Handzlik (Ma Moss)
Jon Crain (Martin)
Andrew Gainey (Top)
Adele Newton (Beth)
Michael Pollock (Mr. Splinters)
Mary Kreste (Mrs. Splinters)
Teresa Gannon (Mrs. Jenks)
Thomas Powell (Mr. Jenks)

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