January 22, 1970 | Seattle Opera
Of Mice and Men
Composer:Carlisle Floyd
Librettist:Carlisle FloydFloyd aft. Steinbeck
The opera is faithful to Steinbeck's story: Two itinerant workers, George (responsible and intelligent), and Lennie (large and somewhat retarded), travel though California looking for work. Although the two men are an odd couple, they share a common dream of someday owning their own land and farm. At their new job, Lennie and George are close to raising enough money to realize their dream after Candy, an old cripple, offers to pitch in his savings. Soon they will have enough money, if only Lennie can keep away from the mean, belligerent boss, Curley, and from Curley's flirtatious wife. Curley's wife seductively provokes Lennie into stroking her hair, then screams in a sudden panic. Lennie innocently tries to stifle her screams and inadvertently breaks her neck. Lennie and George escape, with Curley's men in pursuit. George realizes he must kill Lennie to prevent him from being lynched by Curley's men. In the final scene, he shoots Lennie in the head.

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Fresno Grand OperaOf Mice and Men5/6/2017 - 5/6/2017
Opera ModestoOf Mice and Men4/28/2017 - 4/30/2017
Manitoba OperaOf Mice and Men4/23/2016 - 4/29/2016
Austin OperaOf Mice and Men1/23/2016 - 1/31/2016
Tulsa OperaOf Mice and Men4/10/2015 - 4/12/2015
Sarasota OperaOf Mice and Men3/3/2013 - 3/23/2013
Utah Symphony | Utah OperaOf Mice and Men5/5/2012 - 5/13/2012
Kentucky OperaOf Mice and Men10/10/2009 - 11/11/2009
Fort Worth OperaOf Mice and Men5/5/2008 - 6/6/2008
Lyric Opera of Kansas CityOf Mice and Men11/1/2004 - 11/13/2004
Florentine Opera CompanyOf Mice and Men3/3/2003 - 3/11/2003
Vancouver New MusicOf Mice and Men3/3/2002 - 3/30/2002
Edmonton OperaOf Mice and Men3/3/2002 - 3/14/2002
Houston Grand OperaOf Mice and Men2/2/2002 - 2/15/2002
Arizona OperaOf Mice and Men2/2/2000 - 2/20/2000
San Diego Opera AssociationOf Mice and Men2/2/1999 - 2/21/1999
Utah Symphony | Utah OperaOf Mice and Men1/1/1999 - 1/24/1999
Glimmerglass FestivalOf Mice and Men7/7/1997 - 8/24/1997

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Number of Acts

Musical Style
Quartal harmonies, melodic invention sometimes evocative of American folk tunes, chromaticism, metric flexibility

Vocal & Musical Forces
Two flutes (dbl. piccolo), 2 oboes (dbl. Eng. horn), 2 clarinets (dbl. bass clarinet), 4 horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 1 tuba, timpani, 2 percussion, harp, celesta, strings; reduced brass scoring: 2211; soprano, 4 tenors, 2 baritones, male chorus

Original Cast
Julian Patrick (George)
Robert Moulson (Lennie)
Archie Drake (Candy)
Carol Bayard (Curley's wife)
Harry Theyard (Curley)
Kerry McDevitt (Slim)
Erik Townsend (Carlson)
Gerald Thorsen (Ballad Singer)
Seattle Opera Male Chorus (Ranch hands)

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