December 20, 1999 | Metropolitan Opera
The Great Gatsby
Composer:John Harbison
Librettist:Harbison, John/Horwitz, MurrayJohn Harbison
Act I
Scene 1
: Nick visits Daisy and Tom and meets her friend Jordan. Daisy tells Nick she misses the "old warm world" from her youth.
Scene 2: Tom drags Nick to Wilson's garage to "meet his girl," Myrtle. When she talks about Daisy, Tom hits her.
Scene 3: Amidst the revelry of Gatsby's party, he asks Nick to arrange a meeting with Daisy. Afterwards, Gatsby recalls their former love, and vows to win her back.
Scene 4: Nick and Jordan flirt as they arrange tea. When Daisy and Gatsby meet, their initial awkwardness quickly dissipates.

Act II
Scene 1
: Another party, where rumors about Gatsby circulate. Alone with Daisy, he tries to convince her that they can be reunited. Tom finds them and invites Gatsby to his house.
Scene 2: Bored and hot, the protagonists decide to go to the Plaza Hotel. After Daisy and Gatsby leave together, Tom vents his annoyance.
Scene 3: Tom forces Daisy to make a choice. Tortured, she decides to stay with Tom, who, exultant, contemptuously suggests Daisy and Gatsby return together to Long Island.
Scene 4: Myrtle, thinking she sees Tom, rushes outside. A crash is heard. Tom, Nick, and Jordan enter, revealing that Myrtle has been killed. When Tom identifies the death car as Gatsby's, Wilson is determined to take revenge.
Scene 5: Gatsby tells Nick that Daisy was the driver. As he waits for word from Daisy, Wilson enters and shoots him.
Scene 6: None of Gatsby's former friends or guests attend funeral, save Nick and his father, who reflect.

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Seagle Music ColonyThe Great Gatsby8/1/2018 - 8/4/2018
Metropolitan OperaThe Great Gatsby4/29/2002 - 5/11/2002
Lyric Opera of ChicagoThe Great Gatsby10/6/2000 - 11/3/2000
Metropolitan OperaThe Great Gatsby1/1/1999 - 12/28/1999

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Original Cast
Dawn Upshaw (Daisy)
Jerry Hadley (Jay Gatsby)
Susan Graham (Jordan Baker)
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson (Myrtle Wilson)
Mark Baker (Tom Buchanan)
Dwayne Croft (Nick Carraway)

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