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The Little Blue One – A Chamber Opera in Three Acts
Composer:Dominick DiOrio
Librettist:Meghan Guidry
The Little Blue One is based on the Italian folktale of Azzurina (which means “the Little Blue One” in Italian), and takes place on June 21st, 1375. The story happens over the course of the summer solstice, beginning in the early morning hours, and winding through until the conclusion at twilight.

According to the folktale, Azzurina is the beloved daughter of the lord of a wealthy manor. As she was born with albinism, Azzurina is kept within the confines of the manor walls by her overprotective father, who also dyes her hair a deep blue to disguise her normally white hair. On one summer solstice, Azzurina—desirous for more freedom, and longing to be recognized as the young lady she is—begs her father to let her stay up for the all-night festivities that honor the summer solstice. Her father—unwilling to let her do anything quite so adult—agrees to let her stay up, but only until sundown. He tells her that witches and evil creatures come haunt the manor after the sun disappears. He then gives her a new red ball to play with.

Later that night, Azzurina sneaks down into the manor catacombs to stay up late, and play more before being sent to bed. She throws the ball down into the darker portions of the catacombs, and hesitantly goes to retrieve it. Then, she reprimands herself for being so childish, and throws the ball even further. Finally, she throws the ball into the dark and cannot see it. Though she is scared, she again scolds herself, and goes to retrieve the ball. However, she never emerges from that darkness.

All night, the manor guards and Azzurina’s parents search for her, but cannot find her. The entire manor is thrown into mourning when they realize that she is gone.

Supposedly, every summer solstice, if you listen closely, you can hear Azzurina calling for her father, saying, “Daddy, daddy, I’m here…”

This version of the story stays true to the folktale in terms of plot, but aims to explore the darker implications within the original text. Drawing from developmental psychology, ritual theory, and pathology, The Little Blue One explores the original tale through a darker lens, looking at the collision of worlds, and what it means to be caught between them.

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Original Cast
Kim Lamoureux, soprano (Azzurina)
Maggie Finnegan, soprano (Arrangiarsia)
Ryne Cherry, baritone (Pietro)
Joshua Collier, tenor (Gennaro)
Sarah Kornfeld, soprano (Schaveria)
Stephanie Benkert, mezzo-soprano (Gelsumia)

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