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OPERA America Announces the Launch of the

A coalition of New York City companies and producers
join forces to represent opera’s local diversity

New York, NY—OPERA America, the national nonprofit service organization for opera, is pleased to announce the official launch of the New York Opera Alliance, a collaboration of independent opera companies and producers in New York City. The New York Opera Alliance (NYOA) will heighten awareness of the tremendous depth and diversity of opera activity in New York City.

Current NYOA participants are: American Lyric Theater, American Opera Projects, Beth Morrison Projects, Bronx Opera Company, Chelsea Opera, Citywide Youth Opera, Encompass New Opera Theatre, Gotham Chamber Opera, the Indie Opera Podcast, the little OPERA Theatre of NY, Morningside Opera, On Site Opera, Opera Moderne, Opera Omnia, Opera on Tap, operamission, OperaOGGI New York, Underworld Productions Opera and Vertical Player Repertory.

“We have seen a number of exciting developments in the field in recent years, especially an increased number of smaller, innovative opera producers and presenters,” stated Marc A. Scorca, president/CEO of OPERA America. “The many constituents of the New York Opera Alliance offer unique styles of production, repertoires and opportunities to engage audiences across the city. We are eager to see new creative energy fostered by this cooperative effort and for more people in this city to discover these remarkable organizations.”

NYOA’s new website, built by OPERA America, aims to be a clearinghouse for information which has not previously been brought together in a single location. In the words of conductor Peter Szep, the host of the Indie Opera Podcast, “The website will serve as a single central place for me to get connected with the entire opera scene; I am especially excited to see all of our productions on a single calendar.” By aggregating participants’ information in one central location, the website will allow visitors to discover new opera companies, to expand their understanding of opera and its many forms and to sign up for NYOA’s monthly event e-newsletters.

The idea for NYOA originally arose from a conversation on Szep’s Indie Opera Podcast while interviewing Gina Crusco, artistic director of Underworld Productions Opera. Following the podcast, in Szep’s words, “We met with Cori Ellison (core faculty of American Lyric Theater and dramaturg at Glyndebourne Festival Opera) and it was clear that the opera community of New York needed to become more connected to each other and we needed a way to get the word out about all the amazing events that are happening in the city. It was as simple as inviting the companies that we know of into one room and that got the ball rolling. It has been exciting learning that there are so many companies that I didn’t even know existed, each with their own agendas and passions, and each with a unique way of connecting with their audiences.”

In Ellison’s words, “My thought was that a coalition could help bring each company’s clearly-defined artistic profile to the fore, helping New York opera fans navigate the sometimes bewildering embarrassment of riches available to them. Also, the internal sharing of plans and resources among the companies strengthens everyone, and everyone’s audiences can be widened through cross-publicizing and marketing. And who knows what creative fruits such a meeting of minds might also bear?”

And Crusco adds: “Eccentric approaches to opera create the shifts that eventually move opera’s tectonic plates.”

Acting as NYOA’s fiscal sponsor and having supported its development, OPERA America will include NYOA participants in a wide array of its professional development activities, and will also host NYOA in its new National Opera Center for meetings, auditions, rehearsals and events.

NYOA looks forward to the addition of more groups, representing even more of the geographical and conceptual diversity of opera in America’s cultural capital. Ensembles, companies and producers involved in opera in New York City’s five boroughs are welcome to join the New York Opera Alliance. Visit for details.

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